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On-Page SEO: 9+ Best Actionable Guide to Rank (Step by Step)

On-Page SEO: 9+ Best Actionable Guide to Rank (Step by Step)

Before starting the discussion about On-Page SEO I’ve some questions for you. 

Do you have any dream to rank your website higher in Google? Do you want quality organic traffic to your website? 

If your answer is YES, you are in the right place right now. Only SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you out in this. 

SEO is of many types. These are:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • And More.

Here in this article I’m gonna discuss the details of On page SEO.

As a Digital Marketing Professional, I’ve run many SEO projects. So, this article is mostly based on the case study and my personal experience.

On Page SEO is the anatomy of a website rather specifically a webpage. The On-page SEO helps optimize the structure of a website and content for both search engines and users. People ask it On-site SEO as well.

On-page SEO has a clear intention. It helps to bring organic traffic to your website. Apart from it, the onsite Search Engine Optimization meets the user’s needs in a specific way.  

You may ask how?

There are certain factors that can help to bring organic traffic through this. 

Here is the list for you. Remember, a quality webpage is the advantage of your business.

Before entering the main topic, I’d like to share an interesting fact with you.

Among all SEO practices, the On-page is more powerful. It directly helps to rank your website higher. 

Se, let’s start. Remember, this article could help you in many ways. 

Are you thinking what is the relation between SEO and Google’s Core Update?

Google has done a surprising job launching this update (May 2020 core update) in the midst of this pandemic. Some SEO professionals, webmasters, and digital marketing professionals criticize Google’s new update due to choosing a tough time (read the wrong time) to update its most effective algorithm. Some named this update as a ‘pandemic update’ as it is launched during the pandemic situation (coronavirus or COVID-19).

Google always updates its algorithm to improve the search result. 

Remember Google, the world’s number one search engine, advises something through its algorithm update. 

You know that to rank higher in the search engine result pages organically you have to concentrate on the search engine optimisation or SEO. So Google’s core algorithm update impacts more on SEO. 

You may ask what’s next!

Better to go through Google’s Core Update at a glance. Isn’t it!

Google Core Algorithm Update and On-Page SEO

Almost every day Google makes some updates. Do you know why Google updates its algorithm? The only intension behind every update is to improve the search results. (As a Digital Marketer I think so.)

It may be surprising to you, but it is damn true.

Google is more human than a search engine.

So, let’s see the update of Google May 2020 Core Algorithm Update.

From the above declaration of Google, the #1 search engine in this decade, has a clear mission to provide the best content to the searchers.

If you dig more, you will get another surprising fact.

What and Why?

Every day almost 1 million webpages are indexed, among them it is tough to meet the query (of user) with the quality and authoritative content. Thus, Google has taken this initiative.

Like every core update, this update makes some drop down of some websites. But don’t worry! All the websites have chances to fix (if required).


What is the primary focus of Google?

CONTENT. Yes, only the CONTENT.

Let’s see what Google advice through this algorithm update.

  1. Original information (including research and analysis) in the content [must].
  2. Content must provide substantial (or significant) and a complete description.
  3. Noticeable important information (insight analysis) must be in the content you produce.
  4. 100% unique. No rewriting and copying from another source.
  5. Meaningful title of the content to provide a helpful summary of it.
  6. No exaggeration in the page title or headline of your content.
  7. Content must be trusty. For the same, you have to embed the proper evidence and resources. The best practice is to link the author page or about page of that website with the content you’ve produced.
  8. Make your content authoritative with your research (data). You must present an expert author through your content.
  9. You should produce content with a fact base which is better for life instead of money.

Apart from the above you have to careful about some technicalities such as:

  • No spelling and grammatical mistake
  • Mustn’t be sloppy
  • No excessive number of ads to distract the user’s attention.
  • Mobile-friendly content layout(must).

Always remember that your content must serve the ‘genuine interest’ of your user. The best practice to produce quality SEO friendly content for both users and search engines, you must focus on the trust and quality.

Google’s E-A-T guideline: What’s new to Know!

E-A-T is Google’s quality guidelines. E-A-T stands for:

E – Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T – Trustworthiness.

Now the question is, what is the role of E-A-T in your content or SEO?

E-A-T ensure your content quality. If you think big with E-A-T parameters, you can get an answer.

If the context is valuable, informative, comprehensive and well written, you can rank easily. That is the beauty of E-A-T parameters of Google’s Algorithm.

If you have a bird’s eye on SERPs, you need to concentrate on SEO. Let’s come to our main topic – On-page SEO.

Is On-page SEO really important?

It is sure that SEO helps to generate organic traffic to your website or webpage. You know that the organic traffic is a good ranking signal for every website. So, why not SEO!

When it is a subject of On-page SEO, you must know that search engines like Google always want to be happy when they visit your webpage. This can increase your trust, authority and both are immensely dependent on expertise.

Now, hope you can understand the role of E-A-T parameters of Google (Google Rater guideline).

Let’s see the top On-Page SEO parameters.

On Page SEO parameters: You never forget

For your benefit, I’ve divided it into the following segments.

  • Title (or page title)
  • Keywords (primary and secondary)
  • URL structure
  • Meta description
  • 100% unique content
  • Content readability and UX
  • Hierarchy of Headings and subheadings (H1, H2 tags)
  • Topic cluster
  • Internal link and Outbound link
  • Image optimization with the image all tags

How to Write a Killer Title for your Blog

Title is the 20% of your whole content. Title helps to increase click through rate or CTR. Apart from it, it is a good ranking factor as well. 

Now the question is how to write an effective title for your blog post (or page) or article!

I will cover how to write SEO friendly titles for your blog or webpage (in-depth) which helps to increase your On-page SEO score.

The title has some important components. They are:

  1. Keyword
  2. Modifier
  3. Number
  4. Power word

Keyword in the Title

Keywords are the primary need for SEO. So, it is better to use keywords in the title. Here are some best practices with your keyword.

  1. Use primary and secondary keyword (if possible)
  2. Try to put keyword at the beginning of Title
  3. Use LSI keywords to increase CTR.

By default the title tag is a H1 tag

Here is an example of a keyword (LSI keyword) in your title.

  • On page SEO
  • The modifier in the title

If your target is to make conversion, you have to depend on the modifier.

Here are some popular modifiers which you can use in your title to increase conversion.

  • Best
  • Review
  • Legit
  • Scam
  • Cheap
  • Buy etc.

One interesting fact I’m gonna share with you. The modifiers are based on purpose. Here are some examples for you.

Sales related modifiers

  • Buy
  • Best
  • Top
  • Cool(est)
  • Review
  • Legit
  • Online
  • Cheap
  • Scam 
  • Find etc.

Look at some examples with modifiers.

  • Best on page SEO guide.
  • On page SEO Review.
  • Top on page SEO practice.
  • Question related modifiers for SEO
  • How to
  • What is (are)
  • Why do
  • Who is (are)
how to write killer title

Here are some examples for you.

How to start On page SEO?

What are On page SEO steps?

Why Is On Page SEO important?

Why is the number important in Title?

Title with a number brings attraction to the audience. Using Odd number is the best practice. Here is an example with numbers.

9 Best On Page SEO Practice.

If you want to add the year or a date in your title, it is also a good practice as well. Here is another example for you.

9 Best On Page SEO Practice in 2020. 

Year has a good impact on SEO.

Use the Power Word in your SEO title

As per research, the Power word is more specific. Power word is actually a trigger to increase your CTR. Here is an example for you.

9 Best Remarkable On Page SEO Practice in 2020. 

9 Best On Page SEO Practice in 2020 step-by-step. 

Remember, the power word is important to target the exact audience.

Why Keyword is Important Factor in SEO (On page SEO)

Keyword is the search term. So you can understand in SEO the keyword is the most crucial. The best practice of On page SEO is to use the cluster of keywords.

Keyword Research can help you with it. Prepare a list of your primary and secondary keywords and put them naturally into your content.

Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing. So, you have to put keywords naturally. Keyword in the natural way is the strength of any website.

Here the Keyword cluster with multiple related keywords can help you in it. It helps to gather synonymous keywords of your primary keywords. Another important part is keyword frequency.

Do you know how many times you can use keywords in your content?

Only 0.5% – 1.0% in every content (best practice). 

If you want to rank higher in the SERPs you have to follow the above guideline. 

What is the Ideal URL structure for On Page SEO?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. In the surface web, the url is an important thing. So, for ranking higher organically you have to concentrate on the URL structure as well.

Remember one thing that, short and simple uniform resource locator can help to rank for voice search. 

Follow the guidelines for URL structure to improve your SEO score.

  1. URL Must be Relevant with the context of the page
  2. Use the primary keyword in your URL
  3. Make a short, straightforward URL
  4. Avoid stop words
  5. Use canonical tags as (if) needed.
  6. To separate words in URL, use hyphens (-)
URL structure

The URL reveals the content of the page to both the searcher and crawlers. Even the easy and simple URL helps to navigate faster, which is one of the most important signals for ranking as well. 

How to Write SEO friendly Meta Description?

Meta description is one of the most important segments of SEO. to increase your click through rate or CTR the meta description is next to important. 

Here is a meta description formula to boost ranking.

According to Backlinko the ideal meta description formula is 

Now let’s see the best practice of writing an effective meta description.

  1. Include keywords in your meta description to increase SEO ranking.
  2. Make an appealing or approaching description about your content/blog/page.

Why Content is the Most Important in On-Page SEO

When you search something in Google or any other search engine, you will get some results.

All the result comes before you are the content which has a close relation with your search.

The content might be text, image, video, graphics, infographics, podcasts and others.

After Google’s RankBrain algorithm update, google wants to satisfy the searchers with providing the best result.

Thus, the world’s number 1 search engine Google develops its search intention better than before.


According to the latest algorithm update, the world’s number 1 search engine focuses on:

100% unique, fact base and original content along with meaningful title related to content.

Google does not like sloppy content. The best practice is to write original, unique, quality, and informative content for the benefit of your audience.

If you want to rank higher organically, you have to optimize your content as the guideline of On-page SEO.

Remember, the content optimization in On-page SEO benefits you in many ways. Here are Penta of it.

  1. Increase organic traffic
  2. Increase dwell time
  3. Reduce bounce rate
  4. Make value to the searcher/audience.
  5. Help in branding.

Now the question is how to optimize your content for On-page SEO?

  • After Google’s Hummingbird update the content becomes a more crucial part of On-page Search Engine Optimisation.
  • After Google’s rank brain algorithm update, the On-page SEO becomes content-centric.
  • According to Google’s BERT update, the content is easier to understand by the user. So, quality and informative content is the primary condition of SEO.

Even Google’s May 2020 algorithm updates, the primary focus on the quality content as well.

Today a quality content must have the following:

  1. Topical relevance
  2. Uniqueness and original
  3. Research Data (Part)
  4. Understand user’s pain point
SEO friendly Content

Now the question is, how to meet the above need for writing effective content?

Concentrate on the Keyword Research

Keyword research is still important in SEO. The in-depth keyword research helps to find the search intent. 

Here are some other advantages of Keyword research for writing a powerful content.

  1. Know the trending (related to your niche).
  2. Collect popular phrases or terms (keywords)
  3. Understand what people are looking for
  4. What are the pain points of your audience

But one important thing you have never forgotten. Be careful when you use keywords in your content. 

Here are some best practices of using keywords in your content.

  • Try to use your primary keywords in the first 100 words of your article/blog. 
  • Use primary, secondary keywords in the heading tags accordingly
  • Use keyword in your image alt tags

Remember your content can increase dwell time and reduce bounce rate.

Use Google’s Autocomplete and ‘people may ask’

Both Google autocomplete and people may ask segments to help you reach the customers pain point. 

Do you know what to focus to rank higher in Google?

The search intent.

If you want to rank higher in a search engine like Google you have to focus on the search intent first. 

Remember the search intent is the genuine need of a person. Always remember, Google is continually working on the quality content according to what kind of search people do and what type of result they actually want!

UX and Content Readability

UX stands for user experience. User experience is the most important parameter to rank organically. If your website is new, and your user experience (UX) is good, you will increase organic rank within a couple of hours.

Content Readability is the basic parameter of content writing. Readability means how easy or hard the content is to read!

Always remember that the content must be easy to read and understand. The language (content) should be simple and in short sentences.

Interaction method is one of the most important parts in content readability. Interaction methods easily attract the audience. 

Apart from it, there are other parameters which help to improve the readability score of any content.

Here are some advice and best practices to improve content readability score. 

  • Short and simple words.
  • Small paragraphs
  • Focus on active voice more (tone of voice)
  • Passive voice (few) only when necessary
  • Short length of sentences (better)
  • Use the most relevant and easy words in the sentences.
  • Distribution of heading and sub heading properly.
  • Use transition words (because, but, and, to, so etc.)
  • Simplification your text as it is easily readable by a 12 year student.
  • Avoid complex words
  • Grammatically correct
  • Avoid cliche words and phrases

Now the question is how will you know your content readability. Here are some tools to help you to find the best content readability for you. 

  • WebFx Readability tool
  • Grammarly
  • SEMrush SEO writing assistant
  • Hemingway App
  • RankMath SEO tool for WordPress 
WebFx Readability Tool

WebFx Readability Tool is one of my most favourite content readability checker tools. You can check readability using:

URL – for published web pages

By Direct Input – written content before published

After putting either the URL or text you will get the following parameters: Here is a guideline for you as well.

Indices for ReadabilityGood Practice (0-100)Remarks
Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease60+ between (0-100)Easily read by 12/13 years teens.
Flesch Kincaid Grade levelAround 8 is better. 8 above is great.
Gunning Fog Score(Ideal) around 7You’ll get the idea of average sentence length (ASL)
Coleman Liau IndexAt least 9.5Meet the readability expectation of the targeted audience.
Smog IndexAround 5+Understand readability
Automated Readability IndexAbove 3Focus on sentence structure.
Content readability guideline

Grammarly is the best tool for content creators (article/blog etc.) Using grammarly tool you can understand the following:

Contextual spelling check

Writing style

Vocabulary enhancement guide

Plagiarism and inconsistent style checker

You can use these tools to check your readability. Simply follow their guideline and apply in your blog. 

SEMrush SEO writing assistant

Hemingway App

If you are using WordPress, RankMath SEO is the best plugin. Follow their guideline and improve your content readability and SEO score. 

SEO content writing tools

Hierarchy of Headings and subheadings (H1, H2 tags)

Headings and subheadings are really important for SEO. The heading plays the most important role in dividing the long paragraph into a small one. Apart from it, the heading helps to drive the traffic to the exact (targeted) part of the article.

Header tags are immensely important for both users and SEO. 

Do you know how and why?

Heading tags provide a clear idea of the context in any content. It also provides structure and context in your article.

Heading tags also helps to break the text up of the article to let the user understand better.

Here I’ve a very simple example for you. 

When you start to read a book you’ll see many chapters are there. These all help you to understand the context of the content well.

As similar to the book, the heading of a blog or article helps readers to understand what they are going to get.

However, there are some technicalities.

What are they?

Look, all the heading tags are not performing the same.

H1 or Heading 1 tag is used as the TITLE of the content or article or blog. It represents the topic introduction. 

H2 or Heading 2 tags are similar to chapters of the books. It describes the main topic of the article. It guides users to understand the context of the article. 

H3 to H6 are treated as subheadings. All subheadings can split into multiple subtopics.

Use Keyword in the Heading and Subheadings

Keyword is mostly important to understand the user intent. So, keyword provides the best value if you use them in the proper ways.

Today the long tail keywords are performing well.


Because it has more specific search intent.

So, using long tail keywords in Heading tags help to boost the SEO.

Remember, today SEO is based on user signals, so, if your article meet the user intent, you’ll automatically get the value.

Optimize Heading Tags for Featured Snippet

Today ranking in 0 position is a dream for all. Not only position 0 (zero) but also featured snippet is the most important part of On Page SEO.

If you’re serious about ranking your website organically, you have to focus on the featured snippet.

Heading tags with long-tail voice search keywords as query and paragraph tag as answer can produce featured snippets.

You’ve seen that Google shows the different bulleted list of featured snippet, which comes from the sub or smaller headings.

Use H1 Tags only 1 time

Do not use heading tag 1 for multiple time. H1 tag is mainly use to give you the overview of your article.

So, the best use of Heading tag (H1) is in title of the article.

Though there is no problem if you use H1 tag multiple time, but that is not the good practice.


If you don’t use multiple H1 tags, you’ll confuse search engine and reader about your content (mainly the overview).

But missing H1 tag is really a blunder. So keep focusing it.

Use consistent Heading Tags

Consistency is the primary key component of on page SEO. Use the proper sequence along with your article.

Consistent heading tags are the key to On Page SEO growth.

Even it helps user to understand the article in the proper way.

So, always use the proper and consistent header tags to improve your on-page SEO score.

Why Topic Cluster is Powerful in SEO

After Google’s May 2020 algorithm update the content structure is going to be changed a lot.

Once upon a time the keyword was most important in the content.

But now the most important and consistent part of content creation is based on topic cluster.

However the topic cluster is not the new thing.

But still it is new to some and there are lots of people nailed it already.

Now the question is why topic cluster is important in Search engine optimization.

Topic cluster is an integral part of blogging in this decade.

Most surprisingly the topic cluster can increase the search engine ranking if you can use it in the proper way.

post COVID-19 Content Structure

What is Topic cluster

A topic cluster is an interlinked article or page around an umbrella or pillar content.

Topic cluster is also important because it allows search engine to identify your content.

The pillar content is the base of topic cluster.

So, in a word the topic cluster is connection between the core topic and sub topic around a particular topic or subject.

It helps a comprehensive insight of your main article.

Here one thing you have to remember that, pillar content is focused to the broad keyword. On the other side the topic cluster focuses long tail keywords with more specific search intent.

The primary objective of the pillar content is to link back to your pillar content.

Here is the explanation for you.

Suppose you are targeting a keyword “SEO”. It definitely has a huge search volume (135000/month). It is too competitive.

Now if you can produce other articles with the keywords like

On Page SEO (2400/month)

Off Page SEO (1000/month)

Technical SEO (1300/month)

and interlinked them to the main topic. It will be the ideal topic cluster of the main topic ‘SEO’.

Topic cluster helps to develop your organic ranking because you cover almost every need of user.

Even you have an opportunity to cover multiple keywords in your topic cluster.

Now you may ask where from will you get the idea of topic cluster.

Hubspot content strategy helps to create topic cluster.

Another important tools to generate content idea are:

Google ‘people may ask’

Google ‘related search’

From Ubersuggest Google chrome Extensions.

Ubersuggest Google Chrome Extension

Why Internal and Outbound Links are important in On-Page SEO

Internal link and outbound links are equally important in ranking in SERPs. Here is a misconception about internal and inbound links.

Internal link is inter linking to navigate your pages.

Inbound link is the backlink got from another website.

So definitely both internal and inbound link is important to rank your website.

Now I’ve come to the point.

Internal link is important because it interlinks to another web pages of your website.

On the other hand, the external linking is very important.

Today digital marketers use external link to another website to gain the authority of their website.

If you refer another website with the reference of your content, it will easy to understand b user and search engine as well.

Remember, both the internal and external link is an integral part of on-page Search Engine Optimization.

Internal link with topic cluster is the best practice and easy to rank high in search engine result pages.

Both do follow and no follow links are important in both the cases.

Image Optimization for with the Image Alt Tags

‘Image Alt Tags’ or ‘alt attributes’ or ‘alt descriptions’ are the technical terms. It is an integral part of On-page SEO.

It displays the place, context of the image which helps web crawlers to index the image in the proper way.

So, every image should have ‘image alt tags’ to let the crawler to understand the image. The best practice is to use keywords in alt attributes.


This article is about in-depth On-page SEO or search engine optimization. It is next important to rank organically in search engine result pages. On page leverage practice is the primary solution to rank your website high in Google or any search engine. Here in this article, I’ve covered the important part of On-page Search Engine Optimisation which may help you to rank higher in SERPs. White hat on-page search engine optimization is the key success in organic rank.

On-Page SEO Actionable Guide FAQ

  1. What is On-page SEO?

    On-Page SEO is the technique and process to optimize any website for Search Engine Ranking. According to many professionals On-page SEO is the anatomy of any website. On-page SEO is also known as On-site SEO. So, it is important to focus the On-Page SEO practice to rank higher in SERPs. 

  2. What are some best On-page SEO techniques?

    The best On-page SEO techniques are to optimize the content for user and search engine with the right Keyword (with user intent), Title, URL Structure, Meta Description, Heading Tags, Image optimization with ‘alt’ attribute, Content structure (topic cluster). On-page SEO basically follows Google’s guideline to rank in SERPs.

  3. What are the steps involved in on page SEO  techniques?

    On-page SEO (Actionable Guide) is based on many steps:
    Put the Keyword in title, heading, and content naturally.
    Avoid keyword stuffing
    Focus on the short and simple URL structure with the proper navigation.
    Always make the content presentable with multimedia like image, infographics, and video.
    Use focus keyword for 0.5 to 2.0% (best is below 1.0%) in the content. 
    Hierarchy of heading and subheadings in the proper way.

  4. What is the best On-page SEO practice?

    The best on-page SEO practices are:
    Creating a proper title and meta description with the main keyword will represent the whole article.
    Simple and short URL with the keyword.
    Write content with many headings and subheadings (H1…H6)
    Use Image with ‘img alt attribute’
    Internal linking according to topic clusters.
    External link to gain trust value.

  5. How does one start ON page SEO as a beginner?

    To start On-page SEO the candidate must know the following things:
    Google or any search engine’s guideline
    Do Keyword Research with user intent
    Finalize primary and secondary keyword
    Write Unique and useful Content with user intent 
    Use Keyword in Title, Meta Description, URL, Content, Headings and Subheadings, Image with image alt attribute
    Internal lining as topic cluster
    External linking

  6. Is On-Page SEO more important than off-page SEO?

    Yes. The On-page SEO is more important because it is mainly related to the content of the website.

  7. What are the 5 most important On-page SEO factors?

    The 5 important On-page SEO factors are:
    Keyword Research to identify the primary and secondary keyword
    Title and Meta description with a focus keyword
    URL structure including the primary keyword
    Content with Topic Cluster (instead of keyword stuffing)
    Use of Heading and Subheadings
    Additionally Image optimization

17+ Best Keyword Research Strategies to Become a Pro [with Keyword Mapping] (Updated)

17+ Best Keyword Research Strategies to Become a Pro [with Keyword Mapping] (Updated)

Are you a digital marketing professional? Are you looking for high performing keywords for your business? Don’t miss a single bit of this article. In this article, I am going to disclose the best keyword with a high conversion rate.

Keywords are search terms on the internet. In digital marketing, the keyword is a word, or phrase or collection of words that we search in search engines like Google, YouTube, and other platforms.

The keyword is the most important segment in digital marketing through which we can generate revenue.

“Unless there’s no rhyme or reason to your keyword research, you need to know which opportunities will take the least amount of your limited resources to yield the highest ROI.”

— Neil Patel, of NeilPatel.com

Now I come to the most crucial segment. How to do in-depth keyword research for advanced SEO?

Keyword research is truly scientific. So you need to apply the best formula to get the best keyword.

Are you eager to know the name of the formula which can surely enhance scientific keyword research?

Here are the two important formulas for finalizing the best keyword. These are:

  • AIDA Model and
  • KGR

What is AIDA? How does it help in Keyword Research?

According to Ahrefs Blog, the AIDA is one of the best copywriting formulas. Let’s see how the AIDA model helps in research and ranking of the keyword.

The term AIDA stands for

  • A- attention
  • I- Interest
  • D- Desire
  • A – Action

Some people may say the above formula is only for eCommerce business. But with due respect to all of them, I can say that the above formula is equally important for any online business.

If you understand this one, you can easily use this formula to finalize your keyword for blog and affiliate marketing as well.

AIDA Model for Keyword Planning

Let me discuss the AIDA model in detail.

Here is an example for you to understand the AIDA model well.

Keyword according to AIDA model

  • A – attention keyword – smartphone
  • I – interest keyword – samsung smartphone
  • D – desire keyword – best samsung smartphone model
  • A – action Keyword – buy samsung smartphone S20 ultra

Here are some other examples to identify if the AIDA model is good for all niche.

Example 1

  • A – attention keyword – digital marketing
  • I – interest keyword – digital marketing agency
  • D – desire keyword – digital marketing agency price
  • A – action keyword – best digital marketing agency with price near me

Example 2

Here is another example for another niche. The niche is travel.

I have a question, how many of you love travelling?

Answer below at the comment section.

  • A – attention keyword – Darjeeling
  • I – interest keyword – best time to Darjeeling
  • D – desire keyword – places to visit in Darjeeling
  • A – action – cheap 5 day trip package to Darjeeling

Example 3

Here is one of the most trending searches on the internet. Let’s see.

  • A – attention keyword – earn money online
  • I – interest keyword – earn money online website
  • D – desire keyword – free earn money online website
  • A – action keyword – best way to earn money online

Example 4

Health and fitness is probably one of the most demanding niches. Let’s see the possible brainstorming keywords according to AIDA model

  • A – attention keyword – weight loss
  • I – interest keyword – quick weight loss
  • D – desire keyword – weight loss without exercise
  • A – action keyword – best weight loss product without side effect

Example 5

In this example I’m gonna predict a keyword and it’s AIDA model result.

  • A – attention keyword – blogging
  • I – interest keyword – earn money blogging
  • D – desire keyword – earn money blogging without investment
  • A – action keyword – how to earn money blogging six-figure without investment

From the above examples one thing is clear that the action keyword comes step by step. This type of keyword is generally lengthy too.

Why Keyword Mapping is (Still) Important in SEO

Do you understand, SEO is more strategic today mainly after COVID-19 pandemic? Technically to rank for the targeted keyword, you must have to use keyword mapping in the right way.


Keyword mapping is essential to associate the targeted keywords to the targeted pages. 

Today SEO is not just creating several backlinks. So, to rank higher organically, you must follow the right SEO practice. 

Right SEO practice is more strategic today. Mainly after COVID-19 and Google’s May 2020 algorithm update, SEO practice has become more straight forward. 

You know keyword research is essential in SEO, but it is not the ultimate in SEO. 

To make success in SEO keyword research, you must know keyword mapping first. 

Keyword mapping is essential to prioritize all targeted pages like homepage, service page, other inner pages including content. 

Even it triggers the right keyword and drives the targeted traffic. 

Keyword mapping is the gateway to reach the user intent. It also helps to get a good conversion as well.

So, let’s discuss keyword content mapping.

What is Keyword Mapping?

Keyword Mapping is the process of associating your targeted keywords to the dedicated pages. 

Keyword mapping is a strategy to assign essential keywords to your targeted pages and optimize search engines and users with relevancy. It is the best practice to avoid cannibalization. 

In SEO, the best practice is keyword research. But in most cases, the right placement of keywords plays the most crucial role. So keyword mapping is a necessary process. 

Apart from it, the keyword mapping with content is next to important, because of many reasons. 

Keyword content mapping is essential because it triggers the content with the right keyword. 

It also helps to trigger the audience’s journey. If you are running an eCommerce business or are a small business owner, you must know your customer’s buying journey. So keyword content mapping is crucial.

SEO tutorial – keyword mapping for SEO Keyword Research

Why is Keyword Content Mapping Required?

Keyword mapping is essential in SEO because it helps the strategic search campaign. Don’t forget that keyword mapping is an organizational tool.

Now the question is why keyword mapping is required? The keyword mapping requires because it helps mapping site structure, targeting keywords in each and individual pages, implementation of the right SEO tactics of every page, along with the recommendation to run a website smoothly. 

Remember, in this digital era, your website is your success parameter. So, you have to discover useful and unique content that may help your customers or your audience. See, if you can touch the pain point of your customer, you can quickly drive conversion. 

As an experienced digital marketing professional, I advise you to create a bold SEO strategy using keyword mapping. It strategically removes your risk factors and SEO complications.

Content mapping with keywords shows the ideal direction towards content marketing. It is the best practice if you focus on the user intent as well.

In every inbound marketing, keyword mapping allows achieving the pain point of the targeted customer. 

How to Make Keyword Mapping for Actual Traffic to your website

Before going to the steps to make keyword mapping, you have to know the primary purposes.

There are three significant purposes of mapping keywords in the right way.

These are:

  • Brand Recognition, Awareness, Identification
  • Quality and Targeted Traffic (organic) Generation
  • Improve Website productivity (using keyword cluster)

Now, here are the strategies of mapping keywords to improve SEO and productivity.

Make a Strong Digital Marketing Goals with Targeted Keywords

You may know a successful digital marketing company always focuses on the right digital marketing goals. Undoubtedly the digital marketing goals help to create a benchmark for the company or agency. Even it is equally applicable for blogging too.

Now the question is, why does the digital marketing goal need to be focused? 

See, the primary cause is increasing productivity among the audience.

If you focus on content marketing, you must focus your goals on increasing the productivity of your company or agency or organization. It improves the funnel of conversion as well. 

Develop Strong Conversion Funnel to smoothen Buyer’s Journey

Any conversional funnel is essential to every online journey. It is very tricky because you have to measure your customer’s journey to identify the overall development. 

To make a strategic funnel for conversion, you have to map the right keywords thoroughly.

You probably know in a conversion funnel there are specific parameters like:

  • Type of product or service you want to sell or campaign
  • The pattern of conversion funnel you’re using right now to make the conversion (like content marketing)
  • Productivity on the content you’ve produced to build brand awareness and promotion.

Among the above, the best practice is to make a robust case study on your conversion funnel to ensure your success journey.

For that, two essential segments are essential, which is also a big part of mapping keywords.

These are:

  • Website architecture with keyword cluster
  • Conversion funnel audit and improve CTA (Call to action)

Make a Strong Keyword Bank with Competitor Analysis

If you’re looking for a robust and productive keyword bank, you have to proceed with keyword research with competitor analysis.

Competitor analysis is next to critical for every online journey. It helps you to identify the target market and find the potentiality as well. 

So when you’re going to do competitor analysis (mainly find the profitable keyword), you must drill down with potential keywords and make a reliable keyword mapping.

You can use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to do competitor analysis. 

After a stable competitor analysis, you need to make a detailed keyword map. 

Here is a trick.

Never target those keywords which are not relevant to your business. Instead, target those keywords from your competitor, which you’ve missed. Then make a list of primary and secondary lists of keywords (more specifically keyword clusters).

Gather all collected keywords in a spreadsheet or excel. Make sure all keywords are enough to explain your business in the right way. 

After creating the list of keywords, make sure to implement them in the core and content pages with the right keyword mapping technique.

If you make content mapping with keywords, it can easily make Content Cluster and create strong pillar content. 

Strategic mapping of keywords and content helps to find the content gap. The content gap analysis is next to essential to fill with the most critical and relevant content for your audience.

It is equally essential for Google Ads as well.   

Implement Keyword Mapping with Relevancy and Productivity

After collecting all the essential keywords, you’ve to implement them with relevancy. Always you’ve to implement relevant parent and child keywords in your targeted pages in the proper way. 

In this way, you can put your essential keywords in every page like the homepage, inner pages, content, and more to drive the actual traffic organically.

How Keyword Research Tools assist in Organic Keyword Research

Here I’ll discuss some popular and top-rated keyword research tools to identify the keyword for your business. Let’s see.

It is tough to find a keyword manually. Thus we depend on some tools. Remember, every Keyword Research Tool has separate algorithm to find the most appropriate keyword.

I personally recommend using the following keyword research tools to find keywords for your business or need.

There are no hard and fast keyword research tools for keyword research. I’ve used these tools because I’m familiar with it.

Here are the most popular keyword research tools from Beginners to Pro.

  • Google Autocomplete
  • Google Related Search
  • Google ‘People May Ask’
  • Google Trends
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Answer the Public
  • YouTube Autocomplete
  • Amazon Autocomplete
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Ubersuggest
  • Soovle
  • Serpstat
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Moz
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • LSI Graph
  • Ahrefs
  • Buzzsumo
  • SEMRush

The above 20 keyword research tools are my favorites. There are many other keyword tools. Anybody can use anyone.

Google autocomplete is the first keyword research tool to gather lots of keywords at a time. Look below.

google autocomplete keyword research tool
Google autocomplete tool

Google related search is another Google tools for getting most relevant keyword. Remember this section is the hidden treasure. So, it you use it properly, you can get more benefit of it.

Google Related Search
Google Related Search

Do you know what is the most important ranking factor in SEO?

The FAQ section. So, you can target Google’s People may ask or People also ask; section of your SERPs.

Using this you can get an idea of searched terms related to your topic, niche or keyword.

Look at the picture.

Google's People may ask or people also ask
Google’s People may ask or people also ask

Google Trends is the best Keyword Research Tool at all times. The name suggests that you can get the trending data or keyword.

Google Trends is a strong research and ranking parameter for advance keyword research.

Here is the screenshot for you.

Google Trends
Google Trends

Have you ever ask a queston in Quora?

Today Quora is the best keyword discovery tool for all digital marketing professionals.

You can generate questions from the seed keywords.

Here is the platform’s image.

Quora Suggestion Generator
Quora Suggestion Generator

Reddit is one of the most powerful community platform for researching keywords. when creating a keyword list, we have to concentrate Reddit.

If you know the benefit of community platform in digital marketing, you’ll never skip getting advantages from Reddit. It helps finding keywords as well.

Look at the picture below.

Reddit suggestion tool for finding keywords
Reddit suggestion tool for finding keywords

Answer the Public is my personal favourite keyword tool for research and ranking.

When building a keyword list, this tool provides the maximum variation.

The question can help you to judge popularity of keywords also.

If you want to crack how to get into google, keep focusing on Answer the Public.

Answer the Public for finding keywords
Answer the Public for finding keywords

YouTube autocomplete is very similar to Google autocomplete. So you can use this tool as well.

If you have target on vlog, or video content, dont skip it.

Look at the YouTube autocomplete image below.

Youtube autocomplete for finding keyword
Youtube autocomplete for finding keyword

Amazon autocomplete is mainly important for finding product based effective keywords.

Its functionality is similar to Google autocomplete, and Youtube same. Just remember, if you are looking for Amazon affiliate keyword research, must follow Amazon autocomplete.

Look at it.

Amazon autocomplete for product keyword research
Amazon autocomplete for product keyword research

Keywordtool.io is one of the best keywords research tools for SEO as well.

You can use this tool for getting search term popularity for multiple platforms.

You can get different keywords for different platforms like Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play store, Instagram, Twitter etc.

This is best tools for keyword research also. The better is if you buy its paid version.

Keywordtool.io keywords research tools for seo
Keywordtool.io keywords research tools for seo

Ubersuggest is one of my most favourite keyword research tools. Some people say it as Neil Patel’s keyword research tool as well.

Neil Patel is one of the biggest giants in Digital marketing. So, this tool is developed to solve multiple problems.

Ubersuggest is best on how to guide ranking on page 1 for cheap/affordable prices using its CPC, KD and other metrics.

Look at it.

Ubersuggest on how to do keyword research
Ubersuggest on how to do keyword research

Soovle Keyword Generator is another important tools of research when building a keyword list.

You can get keyword ideas from multiple platforms.

Look at it below.

Soovle keyword research tool
Soovle keyword research tool

SERPStat is also a good keyword research tool. When creating a keyword list, you have to concentrate on SERP results.

I personally recommend this tool to judge the organic keywords and paid keywords as well.

Look at this image below.

SERPStat, best tools for keyword research
SERPStat, best tools for keyword research

Keyword Shitter is a free tool to generate bulk of keywords. For newbies, who are looking for keywords can use this tool.

Unless you stop, this tool generates galaxy of keywords related to your seed keywords.

This tool looks like

Keyword shitter
Keyword shitter

Moz is another important keyword tool. Moz provides domain authority and page authority.

Even this tool helps you to count your competitors backlink as well.

Moz tool provides more relevant, research and ranking keyword as well.

Moz keyword research
Moz keyword research

Google Keyword Planner is mainly the best tools for paid keyword research along with its CPC, impression, click parameters.

You can use keyword planner to identify low to high competitive keywords.

Every digital marketer use Google keyword planner mainly for identifying paid keyword.

Google Keyword research Tool
Google Keyword research Tool

LSI Graph is one of the best research and ranking tools for long tail keywords. LSI stands for Latent Semantic indexing.

There are lots of ways to generate long tail keywords, among them the LSI graph is the best one.

Look at the image of LSI Graph.

LSI Graph
LSI Graph

Ahrefs is my most favorite premium keyword research tool. It is true that, Ahrefs helps in research and ranking as well.

Generating focus keyword to LSI Keyword is simply easy. Look below.

Ahrefs, SEO keyword search
Ahrefs, SEO keyword search

SEMRush is another premium level of SEO tools. It helps to find low competition niches.

There are some similarities with Ahrefs. Its magic keyword tool section helps in research and ranking.

Here this tool looks like.

SEMRush Keyword research Tool
SEMRush Keyword research Tool

Buzzsumo is the best content marketing and analyzing tools. You can check the parameters of social content such as number of shares.

If you mainly focus on social traffic generation, Buzzsumo is the perfect one.

Here is the image.


Now, I’ve a question.

Which keyword research tool is your favourite?

Comment below. I’ll wait for your valuable opinion. May be it would be new one.

How do Keyword Research Tools help in keyword discovery?

It is very important to make a solid keyword for your business. Remember, if you don’t make a list of keywords, you’ll never finalize your keywords.

Before that, we have to know the type of keywords. Here is a list.

  • Head or Short-tail keyword
  • Mid-tail keyword
  • Long-tail keywords

Remember, the long tail keywords have more conversion rate. Do you know why?

Popular Types of Keywords for Research and Ranking

Look at the example below. Suppose your niche is digital marketing.

  • Head Keyword – Digital Marketing
  • Mid-Tail Keyword – Best Digital Marketing Agency
  • Long-tail keyword – Best Digital Marketing Agency with pricing

Now you may ask why long-tail keywords are performing well? Here is the explanation.

Head keyword – “digital marketing”

Can you guess why someone searches “digital marketing”?

There are three broad probabilities of it.

  1. To know the term, definition, etc
  2. To get digital marketing services
  3. To get digital marketing training

So head keyword is basically an attention keyword as follows AIDA model.

Now I come to the second one.

Mid-tail keyword – “digital marketing agency”.

This keyword has more clarity. It indicates specification. It is the interest section in Keyword in the AIDA model.

Now come to the long tail keyword. Look at the example.

“Best Digital Marketing Agency with pricing”

This keyword has a more clear focus. It is based on two major segments of the AIDA model.

“Desire and Action”

The person desires to take digital marketing services from the ‘best’ digital marketing agency, so he needs pricing.

This keyword has more clarity towards conversion. Long tail keyword helps to grow CTR.

Now come to another pros and cons of head keyword and long tail keyword.

Pros of head keyword

  • Huge search volume
  • More information available (non-specific mostly)

Cons of head Keyword

  • Less user intent
  • High competition

Now look at the pros and cons of long tail keyword

Pros of long tail keyword

  • More clear search intent
  • Low competition

Cons of long tail keyword

  • Low search volume
  • Narrow result.

One thing I would like to clear. The long-tail keyword is more useful for easy ranking. Now you decide what to do next.

What is the best keyword planning for research and ranking?

Truly using various tools you can easily make a list of long tail keywords. I personally prefer to take those keywords where you can find questioning intent.

Here are some tips for you when you’ll use the tools to make a list of keywords.

  • Pick a topic or niche. For example, digital marketing
  • Make a list of keywords from Google Autocomplete, Google related search,. Google’s ‘People May Ask’
  • Use Quora, Reddit, Amazon autocomplete (as needed)
  • Pick keyword from Answer the public
  • Check if it is (keyword or niche) trending
  • Verify the search volume
  • Make LSI keyword using LSI graph
  • Analyze competitor keyword
  • Check allintitle and allinurl
  • Judge keyword difficulty using Ahrefs
  • Tally organic and paid traffic comparison with Ahrefs
  • Use the KGR formula to finalize the keyword.

Put the researched keywords listed in Excel files or Google Sheets accordingly. I have a guide for you.

Look at the picture and create columns in excel or google sheets as directed.

Tips for you: use alphabetical suggestions while searching for Google autocomplete.

Here are the details about the steps:

Pick a topic or niche

Digital marketing is mostly niche related. So choose a topic or niche first.

Here are two ways to pick a niche or topic.

  • Select with your passion
  • Choose random

Suppose you love traveling. So choose the travel niche.

Remember, if you choose a niche from your passion, you will not bore to work. So that is the best option.

But if you are hired by any organisation for keyword research, you can easily get your niche because the organisation is working on. In that case, you can easily get a niche.

Start finding keywords from Google Autocomplete, Google related search, Google’s ‘People May Ask’

Google is the best tool for keyword research. We all know that Google is search engine giant.

Apart from it, Google helps us to understand the demand of a keyword. Are you eager to know how?

Here are 5 methods to find a keyword.

Using Google Autocomplete

Look at the image below. Here you can understand the autocomplete method. The Google autocomplete helps you to gather huge keywords for your niche.

Tips for any autocomplete tool. But Google autocomplete is best for general purposes. But if you target ecommerce (product base) use Amazon autocomplete.

Always use alphabetically order one by one (a-z). Look at the image below. It has an advantage.

If you search alphabetically, you can gather at least 50 keywords easily. Most of the keywords are phrase matches.

Use Google Related Search

Google related search is also very crucial in the form of keyword research. When you search anything in Google, you’ll get related keywords at the bottom of the SERP page.

Collect the keywords for future use.

Use Google’s ‘People May Ask’

Google’s ‘People May Ask’ is the best suggestion towards keyword research. Basically the keywords having questions in it have the most relevancy and CTR. Never miss it.

Look at the picture below.

Now make a list of it. It is a good practice to make your keyword list in Excel or Google Sheets.

Use Quora, Reddit, Amazon autocomplete (as needed)

How many of you are familiar with Quora? Quora is not only a question answer platform, rather it is one of the best tools for keyword research too.

If you search any topic on Quora, you’ll automatically get some questions people (may) ask regarding that topic.

Look at the picture, here you’ll get the ideal I’ve shared.

Not only Quora, use Reddit for the same. Probably you know that Reddit is one of the most popular social community platforms. So, you can understand the importance of it.

Here is a picture for you to find keywords from Reddit.

After finding all keywords, put them in your Excel file or Google Sheets. Remember, the questions are mostly asked to solve a problem. So, you can target those keywords always.

Now I come to you about Amazon autocomplete. It is the same as Google autocomplete. One thing you must remember is that you have to use this technique if you are running an ecommerce store or target product keywords. You can use the same technique in any ecommerce website like Flipkart, Indiamart, AliExpress as well.

Pick keyword from Answer the public

If you really desire to get the maximum question keywords, you can’t ignore Answer the Public, This awesome tool can provide a galaxy of keywords with variations. So, choose your preferable keywords and put them in your Google sheets or Excel.

You can use the trick there. In Answer the Public, you’ll be able to get data alphabetically, which is simply important.

Check if it is (keyword or niche) trending

Trending keywords are easy to rank. So, always use the trending keyword to rank. Check the trends country wise, region wise along with the trending graph yearly, or mentioning a particular time span

Look at the image below.

Verify the search volume

Search Volume is the key factor. Even in blogging it is the main factor for gaining traffic to websites. So, search volume is important. Even as a beginner, you can easily target a keyword having a search volume of at least 100. The best practice is to concentrate a decent amount of search volume with low competition.

Here one fact I’m sharing. The search volume depends on various parameters. So always try to check the search volume trends. From this example you can understand it clearly.

Suppose you are targeting a keyword like ‘Christmas gift items for girls’ it does not have demand throughout the year. On the other hand, if you are targeting a keyword like ‘digital marketing career’, it may have decent search volume. Thus, taking a keyword with a decent search volume is an additional advantage.

Here I’ve a suggestion. Try to take a keyword having a search volume of minimum 100. More search volume with low competition is a good keyword research parameter mainly for blogging.

Make LSI keyword using LSI graph

LSI keywords are very important to rank faster. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Do you know the meaning of those words?

Let me explain. Even if you are a beginner this LSI keyword will help you a lot.

Latent means – dormant. We all know the dormant volcano has a huge chance to burst anytime. So the LSI keyword has the same potentiality.

Now I’ll discuss about the importance of LSI graph keyword research.


Analyse competitor keyword

Competitor keyword research is the most important technique to rank easily. It is easy to find the curious in which your competitors are ranking and you have to use those two years in your content to rank faster.

Always remember computer keyboard analysing is already job. If you’d like to rank at beat your competitor you have to know the keywords in which year computers are ranking on.

Check allintitle and allinurl

If you focus in depth keyword research, you must have to focus on all in title and all in url. These two parameters guide to identify how many times you are targeted keyword is used in SERPs. So to rank higher you have to count number of all in url and all in title.

It is also a parameter to identify the competition of a keyword. So don’t keep this step.

Here is a formula to judge all in url and all in title keyword.

Judge keyword difficulty using Ahrefs

Use the advanced keyword research technique with the customisation of keyword difficulty, minimum search volume and include and exclude section using Ahrefs.

We all know Ahrefs is the best keyword research tool for almost every keyword research. Use the advanced method of this tool to identify the targeted keyword.

Here is a video for you. Go to the video to identify how to use advanced methods in Ahrefs.

Tally organic and paid traffic comparison with Ahrefs

Apart from keyword difficulty the prediction of pay traffic and organic traffic is an important factor in keyword research. Ahrefs guides us to identify if the keyword has potentiality for organic search for paid search.

Use the KGR formula to finalize the keyword

Keyword golden ratio is popularly known as kgr formula. You can easily understand one thing that if you want to rank your Keyword mainly for affiliate marketing, you have to follow keyword golden ratio formula.

Look at the formula below.

Three parameters you have to maintain before starting you are golden ratio formula.

  • Search volume is around 250
  • Keyword difficulty is  0.25
  • Check the number of allintitle result

Here is a picture for you. I think with this picture you can easily understand how to get the keyword golden ratio keyword accurately and easily.

The formula is KGR = number of all in title results/search volume

Remember, the KGR should satisfy the difficulty below 0.25.

keyword golden ratio
keyword golden ratio

Summarized My Thought

Keyword research is immensely important. From blogging to affiliate marketing, the keyword research has no alternatives. But one thing you have to remember is that you have to focus on the purpose first.

From the above you can understand how to do keyword research for your business.

My Final Thoughts

From the above step by step keyword research, you can learn how to do keyword research for your online property. The best result comes from the best practice. I hope this article will help you to identify the best keyword for your online business. Stay tuned and comment below for any question, suggestion or inquiry.

FAQ on Best Keyword Research Strategies

What is AIDA?

AIDA stands for
A- Attention
I – Interest
D- Desire
A – Action

What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tools?

There are many free keyword research tools available. Some of them are:
1. Google Keyword Planner (mainly for SEM/PPC)
2. Google Trends
3. Google Autocomplete and Related Search
4. Answer the Public
5. Soovle
6. LSI Graph
7. Ubersuggest (Limited)
8. Quora

What is the strategy of effective keyword research?

Follow the steps:
1. Find the niche or category.
2. Find the Keyword using Google Auto Complete
3. Make longtail keyword
4. Have eye on competitor
5. Make a list of Keyword and organize
6. Make a list of LSI Keywords
7. Check the Competition, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, Search Volume
8. Use the keywords in your blog, article or others.

How to Find Profitable Keywords?

Finding profitable keywords are easy. Follow the steps:
1. Pick the niche.
2. Use Google autocomplete, Google Related Search, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs and other Keyword Research Tools to find niche related keyword.
3. Make LSI Keywords using LSI Graph and prepare a list of keywords.
4. Use Answer the Public and Google’s ‘People also ask‘ to find the ideal questions and make a list.
4. Check trending in Google Trends.
5. Verify KD, CPC, Search Volume and use those.

What makes a Good Keyword?

A good keyword must have the following:
1. Average search volume. (min 1000/month)
2. Relevancy
3. Fair Competition
4. Strong conversion rate.
5. Allintitle

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

There are many keyword research tools available in the market. According to need and productivity it depends. According to me these are the best keyword research tools:
Paid Keyword Tool:
Moz Pro

Free Keyword Research Tool
Google Trends
Google Auto complete
Google Keyword Planner (Google Ads)
Ubersuggest (limited access)
LSI Graph
Amazon Auto Complete
YouTube Autocomplete

Note: Every tool uses its own algorithm. So, always the result may be different. For keyword research, it is better to use a combination of paid and free tools along with strategy.

Role of Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2020 [Reveals]

Role of Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2020 [Reveals]

Digital Marketing Agency: Are you looking for steady business growth in 2020? 2020 is the ideal year to rank your business to the next level, with the help of the right method and technologies. Digital Marketing Agency is one of the ultimate digital marketing solutions for steady business growth.

I hope you’ve looked around and understood the importance of digital marketing today. According to statistics, almost 90% of companies and organizations are taking their business online.

Digital marketing agency services always focus to grow any business to the next level with the help of the right internet marketing service. It is a more result-oriented method of marketing. Here we will discuss the top 9+ highly recommended digital marketing agency services for your business.

Your business size does not matter today. Suppose you are an owner of an eCommerce store of a particular item; you will definitely need the right strategy. So, if you want steady business growth, you will have to hire one of the top digital marketing agencies.

Here in this article, I am going to discuss what a digital marketing agency does for business growth (online business growth).

Before getting into the main topic, I would like to draw your attention to statistical data.

Do you know the share of Search Engine Market Worldwide?

According to Statcounter (Nov 2019), the Google search engine has 92.71% of market share which is simply a huge one.

So, you can understand why your business must be visible on Google! Apart from it, your business should be ranked well in Google. The role of Digital Marketing Agency is mostly important when you are thinking to outrank your audience.

The web marketing services helps from making strategies to get the conversion (maximum). If you want steady business growth, you need to concentrate on the whole digital marketing services. 

What does a digital marketing agency do?

It is obviously one of the most relevant questions. Here is a list of what the top digital marketing agency actually does. Here is the most needed digital marketing services list for almost every online business.

  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Brand Promotion
  • Local Business Listing
  • Content Writing and Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation for Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

From the list, you can understand what Digital Marketing Agency actually does!  It is sure that the Digital Marketing Agency overall helps to grow your business.

Let’s come to the details. Don’t miss a single word. It comes from research and case studies.

Why is the top Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan in 2020?

If you have the right strategy for your business, you will definitely find the ideal goal. You can understand, a successful business depends on many parameters. Among them, the best one is the right business strategy and planning. Do you know what business strategy and planning includes?

The right business strategy and planning includes the following thing.

Make a business blueprint

Making a business outline is next to important. The digital marketing agency helps you to online marketing solutions making an ideal business blueprint. The business blueprint mainly depends on “4M”. Do you know what “4M” is?

The “4M” stands for:

Methods of Business

The methods of business are mainly the way you choose for your business growth. According to my digital marketing knowledge and experience, the primary need to grow your business in 2020 is to Create web property.

Now, you may think, why?

Whatever your business is, you must have at least one web property. Do you know what web properties are? Here is a list of it. 

  • Website
  • App
  • Social Media Pages and Accounts
  • Local Business Listing (eg. Google My Business)
  • YouTube

Website: Website is very important for any online business. Today creating websites using WordPress is very easy. Not only WP, but there are also other platforms available for your business needs. If you run an eCommerce store, you can make your online store using Shopify or WooCommerce. 

App: Today almost 85% of people use Smartphones. So you can understand how important the app is today! Even lots of reputed organizations create their Apps and generate more profit. Mainly Android and iOS apps are very demanding today.

Social Media Pages and Accounts: Without Website and App, there is another most important web property and that is Facebook Page. Social Media Optimisation is a very essential part of today’s business. Even for branding and communication, the Facebook page is very crucial. Lots of reputed companies prefer Social Media Marketing to generate accurate traffic to their business. Apart from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit are good platforms for your online presence. 

Local Business Listing: Local Business Listing is next to important for every small business. If you are any type of service provider or run any shop, the local business listing is a must. You can trust Google and Bing because they are the leading business listing platforms that help your business boost in the right way. Apart from Google and Bing, there are other business listing platforms like Apple, Amazon etc. You can list your business according to the business type. In my personal opinion, Google My Business is the best one. 

YouTube: Are you interested in watching videos? This is the cause of Youtube success stories. Today YouTube is very important for Branding too. So, if you are in search of good business growth, you must appear on YouTube. Create your channel with your Business name (recommended). 

As per my personal opinion, all 5 things are important for your business. 

Money for Business:

Do you know nothing is free today! So, you have to make the right investment planning for your business. Remember, the right investment at the right time to the right place is the primary step of your success.

You may have a question.

Do you know the digital marketing agency’s business plan? 

Suppose if you are planning to make a budget for your business, first start with creating a website. Always remember, your budget for a business depends on the mode of your business. Today there are lots of platforms that offer you a free website. You can start creating a FREE website. 

Here, I have something to say. For business reputation (BRANDING) you just need to create your own website with your own Domain. 

Creation of Facebook Page, YouTube Channel along with Google My Business are absolutely free. 

So, why are you waiting? Start today. 

If you already started, a great job.

Mechanism needs for Business:

The mechanism is the most needed for any business. If you have a plan to run your business successfully you have to use the right mechanism for your business needs. 

I can see one thing, mechanism depends on the technology, business channels and the tools or software which can help your business as the most important additional part. 

Suppose you are running a business of e-commerce. For that case, if you are creating your website with Shopify or WordPress WooCommerce it will give you more benefits than creating a website in normal HTML. This is the mechanism used for your business needs.

Now I will come to you with another example. Suppose you have a website with your brand name. You are providing a service to your customers. Do you know how your customer knows you? 

You have to use the mechanism or the tools, whatever you say for your business reach. So according to my knowledge and experience, the most essential part is hidden with the use of your mechanism. 

role of digital marketing agency
role of digital marketing agency

Manpower resource to run Business:

It is really tough to handle your business without any manpower. Manpower can help you to grow your business. If you don’t have enough manpower, hire top digital marketing agencies for the right plan and investment for your business. 

Small business means less manpower. So, for that case, you can consult for web marketing services from a top digital marketing company in India

What is Branding? Why is it important?

The real identity of your business is your brand. If you’re looking for steady business growth, brand promotion is very essential. 

Basically a brand is a position that is established for a particular purpose. The prospects and customers get experience based on communication and commitment. 

So, you will understand why a brand is very important mainly in 2020.

One thing I can assure you about branding is, it helps to reach the touchpoint of your customer.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose you have a restaurant, and it is famous in your area and the surrounding area, you will get more customers. Your brand measures the UI/UX factor. 

What have we learned from the above example? 

If you provide the best services, your brand will flourish. So, to me, brand promotion is very essential to every digital marketing agency. 

How does a Digital Marketing Company help in Branding?

Now come to the point, basically, digital marketing companies can help to build the right communication with the prospects and customers. Even top digital marketing companies in India help to educate the customers through branding. 

For brand promotion, the top digital marketing agency uses various channels. Among them, the most important and popular channel is social media. 

Every company should have the right setup for brand promotion. Unless and until the success will not be achieved. 

Local Business Listing

If you are looking for steady growth you have to concentrate on the local business listing. 

Local business listing is nothing but to enlist your business to the reputed business directories.

One of the most famous local business listing platforms is Google my business. Using Google my business you can enlist your business, get reviews about your business, mention your business hours and lots of.

If you are running a small business, the local business listing is a must. There are two reasons. 

Google My Business
  • The primary reason for using a local business listing is to make a bold presence of your business.
  • The second reason, it increases your branding. 

Bing also provides the local business directory to enlist their business. There are lots of local business directories available in the market. Though some of them are paid, yet you can get some free platforms for enlisting your business.

Content Writing and Marketing

A web-property is useless without content. For every online presence, the content is next to important. 

Writing content is an art. Content marketing companies take the most important role. Remember, your online success also depends on the content.  

Once Bill Gates said,

“content is king”.

Bill Gates

Still, they (content) are valuable. 

The content should be well decorated, useful, informative, appealing and more specifically helpful.

Not only text content, but the graphical content like infographics, images, videos, eBook, press releases are also some examples of content. 

Not only writing content but also content marketing is very essential for the right business growth. 

It is always better to hire a professional content marketing agency for your content promotion. Remember, the right promotion of content is the secret of your business growth. 

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social media optimization is also essential for any business growth. According to statistics, social media optimization (SMO) is the best way to increase engagement.

The right SMO strategy is the success key of any online business. It also helps to increase brand awareness.

Here are the top 6 benefits which you can get from social media optimization. 

  • Brand awareness and authority
  • Minimal investment to reach maximum people
  • Drive more traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Search engine ranking improvement
  • Helps in sales increment

Google loves social traffic. So ranking your website in Google, social media optimization is crucial.

Do you know why social media optimization is important?

Social media optimization ensures a strong presence on the internet and establishes brand authority. It actively and passively increases the reach. 

Apart from the above, social media tried more traffic and helps to generate Ideas leads to your business. 

Social media optimization also improves search engine ranking. If you want a good amount of traffic to your business or website, use social media optimization

Why is Search engine optimization (SEO) important in business?

According to internet marketing experts, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a continuous process. If you want the organic search traffic to your business, start Search engine optimization (SEO). 

Search engine optimization is based on 4 major practices. 

  • Technical Search engine optimization
  • On-page Search engine optimization
  • Off-page Search engine optimization
  • Local Search engine optimization

You can easily understand that Search engine optimization (SEO) has no alternatives to gain organic traffic. 

Your organic ranking is next important to get more conversion. Almost maximum digital marketing companies in India focus on the four Search engine optimization (SEO) practices

Technical SEO – details to improve your search engine ranking organically to indicate and reduce any technical issues.

On-page SEO – it is the anatomy of a website through which you can understand how to represent your website for good organic results.

Off-page SEO – office issue is one of the most ranking factors of your website. You can generate laws of referring traffic to your website using the off-page SEO practices. 

Local SEO – already I have told you about the importance of Google my business. The local tissue helps to increase search engine ranking with a good business conversion. 

How Does Search engine marketing help to increase your business?

Search engine marketing is very important to rank your business to search engine result pages (SERPs). Consult top digital marketing companies to get instant results.

The advertisers or business owners have the opportunity to bring their ads in front of the targeted customer. 

Search engine marketing helps to fulfill the process from lead generation to conversion. 

The business promotion starts from here. If you are able to promote your business to the right person, you will achieve your goal and make a conversion more. 

Keyword research is very important in search engine marketing. Even if you are able to bid the ideal keyword with the ideal price, you can able to generate the highest conversion. A good campaign depends on it. 

Remember, to run the best profit, you need to detect negative keywords for your campaign.

Pay per click advertisement is one of the most crucial parts of search engine marketing. If you want the conversion to your business the search engine marketing is an ideal option.

Why is social media marketing very important for business growth?

Social media marketing is essential today. SMM or social media marketing has an aim to share content through social media platforms. 

To reach the exact audience using social media marketing, first, you have to make a plan. You can hire one of the top social media agencies to generate your social media marketing campaign. 

What are the major social media marketing goals?

This is one of the most important and interesting questions. The major social media marketing goals are:

  • Brand identity, awareness, association, and promotion
  • Generate more website traffic through social channels
  • Conversion building
  • Here are some crucial tips for social media marketing.
  • Always choose your target audience.
  • Produce shareable content.
  • Consistency
  • Competitors tracking
  • Content promotion using social media marketing.

Why is Email Marketing important for any online business?

Email marketing is the most successful Digital Marketing Channel. It is more conversion-oriented, Email Marketing delivers the highest ROI.

According to research, Email Marketing can provide up to (in some cases more than) 100% CTR.

What are the benefits of Email marketing?

The benefits you’ll get from email marketing. A successful email marketing agency always focuses on email marketing to generate more conversion. Email marketing is essential because:

  • Best ROI (Return on Investment) model
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Global audience reach with instant and deep impact
  • Able to reach easily to an engaged audience
  • Easy to manage and share globally
  • Targeted messages delivery with automation
  • Revenue Generation.

In 2020 is a great year for email marketing. So, if you want to rank your business and generate more revenue, choose the best email marketing strategy with the best email marketing agency. 

Apart from the above, the top digital marketing companies provide other important services like Mobile Marketing, SMS Marketing and so on. 

My Final Outcome

2020 is a great year for online business. Even in the lockdown period, business promotion with a digital marketing agency like Biva Technologies is the best way to promote business online in the right ways. Almost everybody loves to rank higher. So, for ultimate growth, every company or individual needs a dedicated digital marketing team. If the companies do not have that, simply hire any Digital Marketing Agency. The Digital Marketing Agency helps in steady and rapid growth for your online business. It performs from making a strategy to generate conversations in the right way.

FAQ on Role of Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2020

What services does a Digital Marketing Agency offer?

Digital Marketing Agency offer the following services:
SEO or Search Engine Optimization
SEM or Search Engine Marketing
SMO Social Media Optimization
SMM Social Media Markting
Content Marketing
PPC or Pay Per Click Advertisement
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
and more related to business promotion.

Is Digital Marketing easy?

In a word I cant answer this. Rather instead of easiness or toughness, it is more tricky. Having proper knowledge is the primary key to success in digital marketing.

How do you price Digital Marketing?

According to Biva Technologies, the price is always based on requirement. It entirely depends on your target. We try to provide best ROI.

What are the important skills in Digital Marketing?

5+ skills a Digital Marketing professional must have
1. Understand the business need.
2. Prepare the right strategy.
3. Choose the right channel like SEO, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.
4. Take care of ROI with creativity and analytical ability.
5. Start taking action like campaign according to need.
6. Monitor the action.
7. Analyse and moderate (if required) with case study.

3+ Bold Impact of Social Media: The Game Changer in 2020

3+ Bold Impact of Social Media: The Game Changer in 2020

Have you ever thought about the impact of social media on your business growth? According to Statcounter Data, 65.97% of people use Facebook. So, why don’t you think to develop your business using social media? Not only for business development, but social media also plays an important role in customer relationships too.

This article is about the impact of social media mainly on business development using social media channels

We all are well aware of the importance of marketing in this decade. You know how important digital marketing is going to be in this era! There are certain causes.

Social media helps to enable online activity. It is a good parameter for building rapport too.

Here are some probable causes behind the huge influence of social media mainly in the development of online business.

Role of Social Media: The Game Changer

The role of social media is multidimensional. It can really help to auction the proper bidding to bag the real success into your business. The most hilarious strategy is to love the communication between your prospects. 

On the other hand, success depends on the strategy and the strategy depends on the goal. So, to fulfill a real achievement, social media has no alternatives. I shall have an example for you.

Suppose your goal is to sell a high-cost affiliate product (competitive) through your website. For that, you have to make a proper strategy with suitable promotional methods. The impact of social media is quite faster to grab the attention of your targeted audience even faster than a search engine. 

You may ask ‘HOW’?

The reply is ‘very easy’. The availability of easy communication along with the right person to identify within a very short duration is the recipe for your social media impact. 

The Positive Impact of Social Media to Help Business Growth

It is a very crucial question. To grow business today, social media plays three major roles. Using social media, one can easily grow his brand awareness, traffic, reputation, customer relationship, and others. 

If you are thinking about your business without social media, then read the section first. Here are some Positive Impact of social media advantages which can help you all ways to grow your business to the next level. 

If you want business growth today, mostly, you have to depend on social media at least once.

Here are three major benefits of using social media for business growth.

  • Brand awareness
  • Influence marketing
  • Trust building

Impact of Social Media in Brand Promotion

How many of you want to grow your CTR? The CTR or click-through rate majorly depends on branding. Hence brand awareness is becoming a top priority for marketers. 

If you need to grow business to business (B2B) or business to customers (B2C) relations, your brand will be the final word for success.

Here are some major steps of brand building using social media

The Logo is the Real Identity

If you run any business, you need to showcase your logo as your business icon. So creating a logo is next to important for brand awareness. 

Always remember, your real identity is your logo. I have one suggestion, try to create a logo according to your business goal or product or service goal.

According to Canva blog “a successful logo is the anchor of a brand”. The beauty hide in this sentence is every logo is designed to display the philosophy of a brand. 

Here you must aware of your logo’s color combinations very well. Colour in a logo can help to represent the purpose and the type of business as well.

Regularity in Social Media Engagement

In this decade almost 2/3rd of internet users access social media. To get 360-degree of success through branding, social media engagement has no alternative.

Always try to make more engaging content for your social media strategy. 

If you run an online business, whatever the size of your business, your brand must be popular. Social media helps in branding. As a Google Certified Digital marketing consultant, I personally recommend spreading your brand across all social media platforms.

Try to be consistent with various types of content like infographics image video quotation text message Aaj and your business or service blog etc in social media platforms. 

impact of social media
impact of social media

I can suggest you one interesting thing to promote your social media strategy. You can try I am a compelling and related story to social media platforms like Facebook to grab the attention of maximum prospects.

Remember top companies are doing the same thing to grow their success ratio. It can help you in two ways. The first one is your prospect can think of your brand as a genuine one. Number 2 brings more social media traffic if you to make your story vital.

According to my knowledge and experience, I can suggest one methodology for gaining success in social media traffic generation for your business.

Your sincere and caring touch can help your brand promotion in a natural way. Never lose transparency. A good brand always carries transparency at the highest level.

Post and Publish Shareable Content

Social media engagement depends on various things. Among them, the relevant insurable content is the most important part. If you frequently post relevant and shareable content within your social media platforms, the impacts of social media in your business.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Here are some social media advantages which can help you all ways to grow your business to the next level. Let’s see

  • Positive Impact on Customer Relation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Huge (quality) Inbound Traffic
  • Ranking organically in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  • Good Conversion Rate
  • Brand Loyalty and Authority
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Marketplace Insight Growth
  • Leadership
Source: Biva Technologies’ YouTube Channel

Sum Up

The impact of social media is very influencing. Today if you think to develop your online business growth in this era, always go with social media. The hidden recipe of customer relationships is the pillar built by social media. If you understand the positive impact of social media on business development, probably you can run your business to the next level.

FAQ on Impact of Social Media

  1. Why Social Media is important in online business?

    Social Media is important in every online business because:
    Brand awareness
    Influence marketing
    Trust building

  2. What are top 3 advantages of Social Media?

    The top 3 advantages are:
    1. Interaction with the customer.
    2. Brand Awareness.
    3. Marketplace insight growth.

  3. What are the best social media platforms?

    Social Media platforms varies from business to business. In general here are top 5 social media platforms every online business can follow:
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Linkedin
    4. Reditt
    5. Instagram

9+ Best WordPress Plugin You Must Need in 2020 [Secret]

9+ Best WordPress Plugin You Must Need in 2020 [Secret]

How many WordPress plugins are you using? What is your favourite plugin? Which plugin is not your favourite? 

We know a newbie can create a stunning website using WordPress. The beauty of WordPress is you can easily customize with many templates or themes and plugins or add ons. So if you are a WordPress user, you cannot deny the importance of WordPress plugin. 

Here is a list of the most important plugins for WordPress. These plugins are for basic needs. If you are a blogger or an e-commerce (by WordPress) store owner, you have to use such plugins.

So, without wasting your time let’s dive into the main part of the content. Remember, the following WordPress plugins are my personal recommendations. So, if you use another plugin, you can comment below. 

Site kit by Google

Google is the number one search engine today. According to StatCounter’s statistics, the search engine giant Google produces 92.95% of searches. So it is always challenging to rank higher in Google. 

So, if you get any plugins mainly designed for Google data, is it not excellent?

In this era, the site kit by Google is a recommended plugin. I personally recommend this plugin because of three reasons. Do you know why?

  • One window Google important tools.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Faster to get alerts.

It is one of the most important plugins recommend by almost 75% of bloggers today. 

Now have a look, what tools are available in site kit by Google services.

Look at the list below: all services start with the name of Google. Have a look. 

  • Search console
  • Analytics
  • AdSense
  • Page speed insight
  • Optimize and
  • Tag manager

Look at the details of the Google services listed above. 

Google search console service

Google search console service is basically helping us to get a direct insight into your website data. Apart from it, the google search console helps to detect any issues like coverage issues, indexing status and so on. The site kit by Google helps us providing the following information.

  • Number of clicks
  • Total impression
  • Average CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Average position

Google analytics service

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for getting information about your website. Google Analytics provides information like a number of users, amount of sessions, bounce rate, session durations, demographic data, location of traffic along with real-time traffic. Even you can get data like traffic sources, whether they come from organically or they come from other sources like social, direct or referral.

Google AdSense service

If you want to earn money online, there are many ways. One of the best ways is to earn money online is by using monetization with Google AdSense. 

If your site is monetized with Google AdSense, you will have to look at the data of Adsense. 

You can get data like 

  • Number of clicks, 
  • Impression, 
  • Ads revenue
  • And so on

Using Google AdSense services. The Google AdSense service helps you to bring all sorts of Adsense data like a number of clicks or impressions. Even you can get data about CTR through this WordPress plugin.

Google Page speed insight

Nobody loves a slow website. So today loading speed is one of the most important factors for ranking higher in SERPs. To check your site loading speed and check any loading issue, the best tool is google page speed insight. 

Here you will get two things together after analyzing in Google page speed insight service.

  • Page loading time for both mobile and desktop
  • Field and lab data including the first contentful paint, speed index, and others.

Google optimize service

Google optimize is mainly used for testing your website which helps to drive matric based design solutions.

After putting the optimizer container ID, you can test your website. It is mainly used to verify a/b testing. 

Google Tag Manager Service

Google tag manager or GTM is the most useful tool in digital marketing. Using Google tag manager, you can trigger other google services like analytics, Google ads, Adsense into your website. 

The beauty of the tag manager is you can trigger multiple services under a single umbrella.

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Yoast SEO is one of my favorite WordPress plugins always. This plugin helps to grow your SEO score. You can check three important things using the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

  • First, check the keyword density
  • Second, readability check
  • Third, Put the keyword

Apart from the above, you can generate an XML sitemap using this plugin. 

For SEO, one of the most important things is to put SEO titles along with meta descriptions within the right pixel length. Yoast SEO helps to provide that. 

Here are some Yoast SEO features available. 

  • Customize content, media, taxonomy, archive, breadcrumbs, RSS
  • Integrate webmaster tools
  • Use built-in tools like import-export, internal linking bulk editor, file editor, etc. 
  • Connect your social media profile or pages

In a word, the Yoast SEO is a premium level SEO plugin. The plugin is available for both free and paid versions. Remember, the paid version always provide some premium features.

Social share WordPress plugin

Social sharing is very important for many reasons. Probably you have heard the word “GO SOCIAL” each and every SEO specialist like this. 

Today is your website does not include any social sharing options, your website is treated as worthless. Let’s see in brief how social media help us. 

Social media helps to make content viral through many social media channels. More viral content can bring the most traffic to your website. So, making your website viral, you have to use social sharing WordPress plugin like social media share buttons and icons. 

You can use any social sharing WP plugin like sassy social share, simple social media share button and many. 

Do you know how the social sharing button help us?

The social sharing button helps the readers to share the content with others. You probably know 70% of active users spend more time on social media. 

WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

If you want to make your online store using wordpress, the WooCommerce will have no substitute. So, as need suggests, the WooCommerce plugin is becoming an unavoidable plugin today.

Everybody dreams to have their online store. Mainly in this era, most people have owned their virtual shop. 

There are other platforms available like Shopify, but WooCommerce WordPress plugin can help to make an eCommerce business flexibly.

People love the WooCommerce WordPress plugin because of many causes. Among them some are:

  • Easily customizable
  • Integrate payment gateway
  • Add to cart and checkout option
  • Dedicated dashboard for product upload
  • And many more. 

According to global data, almost 2906789 e-commerce websites are build in the WooCommerce platform. Even many premium level websites are also there who use WooCommerce. 

Contact form 7

When you make your website, you must have to keep one communication section. Contact form 7 is one of the most convenient and flexible WordPress plugins. 

Using contact form 7, you can make your custom forms. Even you can easily manage, edit, add fields and make your form more professional.

In this era, to get business lead, the contact form has no alternative. So, contact form 7 is a crucial WordPress plugin that can help you to communicate with your customers too.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restore

If you want to get your website backup, the UpdraftPlus is one of the leading WP backup and restore plugins.

Using UpdraftPlus, you can keep your backup in your drives like Google drive or one drive, even you can store your files into your personal computer or PC.

Insert headers and footers

I’ve already told that WordPress is very convenient. So if you want to integrate any code to your website, you can use insert headers and footers WP plugin.

Even if you have no knowledge of how to embed code to your website, you can use it. 

Insert headers and footers helps you to integrate Google Adsense code, affiliate marketing code, JSON-LD code and many more.

W3 Total Cache or Breeze Cache Plugin

You know the cache is the main cause behind lagging. So to keep your website fast, you have to clean your website’s cache and cookies. 

The w3 total cache is one of the premium level caches plugins. It helps your website to load faster, 

Apart from w3 total cache, there is another premium level cache plugin available, mainly designed by Cloudways to keep your WordPress website load faster and cache free. 

MailChimp for email marketing and newsletter

If you want to let visitors subscribe to your newsletter or website, the MailChimp is one of the best. 

Due to various needs, the MailChimp has many additional features included. Two important MailChimp features among them available for email marketing are 

  • Contact form 7 extension
  • For WooCommerce

The growth of email marketing lets this plugin an important one. 

Under construction WP plugin

Suppose your website is undergoing a theme change or any lengthy customization. In this case, I recommend you to choose under construction plugin duly design for WordPress.

This under-construction plugin is very easy to hide live activities from the front end users. The under-construction method is just like the switch on and off. Even within a single click, you can make your website live. 

FTC disclosure

If you sell any affiliate product and earn any type of compensation from that, you can use the FTC disclosure plugin for WordPress. It is an additional plugin mainly used to let your visitor clear one thing that you are earning through your website wither via Adsense or any display network or affiliates.

Sum up

In this article, I am trying to cover all important WordPress plugins almost necessary for every WordPress user. If you think an important plugin is missing or if you have any suggestions, opinions or advice, feel free to communicate us via our comment section. 

FAQ on WordPress Plugins

  1. What is the best WordPress SEO Plugin?

    There are some WordPress SEO plugins available in the market. According to me the best WordPress SEO Plugin is RANK MATH SEO Plugin.

  2. Which one is the best Email Marketing Plugin?

    There are many Email Marketing plugins available. Among them my favourite one is Mailchimp.

  3. Which plugin is used for Backup?

    For Backup and Restore Updraft plus is one of the best plugins.

  4. What is Google Site Kit?

    Google Site Kit is an important WP plugin. It offers the followings:
    Search console
    Page speed insight
    Optimize and
    Tag manager

  5. Which social share plugin is best?

    Social Share WordPress plugin is the best plugin for social share.