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A few days ago, one of my clients asked me how to get success in Small Business? I have given him some tips which helped him a lot to get success. Today I am going to share Top 9 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Business or more specifically any online business.

Do you know the search market share? According to Statcounter, Google holds 92.42% among all search. So you can easily understand how important is to rank your business in Google.

Hey, I am Shovan Ghoshal, a Business Coach, Blogger, and Digital Marketing Specialist from India. I am here to share important Digital Marketing Tips to grow your online business. If you are really interested to grow your online business, you are in the right place.

So, without wasting time I am here to show you some most important ways how to grow your online business globally. According to research, you have to depend on Digital Marketing if you want to grow your business globally.

You may be confused a bit. Let me clear your confusion. Suppose you are not from Digital Marketing Background, and you want to grow your online business globally. What you need to do?

According to me, you have two straight ways to grow your online business. The first one, hire a professional Digital Marketing Services provider and the second one, learn Digital Marketing yourself. It is really tough now onwards to rank your business online due to the vast competition. Hence this blog is created to grow your online business easily. I shall try to provide valuable Digital Marketing tips on how to grow your business online.

Let’s enter the main topic. We are today to know the Top 9 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Business. Hope this article will help you all.

1. Business Blueprint and Analysis

Do you know what is most important for your business? Off course your planing. My first suggestion is to make a proper plan for your online business and make a blueprint of it.

Let me share an example. Suppose you want to start an eCommerce Business, how should you make your blueprint?

Always remember, your business goal can reach you higher. Let’s see what to do to make plan blueprint.

Digital Marketing Tips-SEO servoces
  • Choose Role of your Earning source (eg. Manufacturer or Commission agent)
  • Pick a product (eg. Shoe)
  • Get focus or ideal keyword (eg. best running shoe)
  • Check the competition of your keyword.
  • Prepare synonymous keyword list
  • Know your audience
  • Guess audience behaviour.

It is very important to create a website for your online business. But here is the main twist. As a Digital Marketing professional, I have lots of experience here in this segment. Everybody wants a great looking and responsive website for his business. But, according to my experience, I have faced that most of the customer does not have proper planning for their business. Even they have no idea about what would be the cost of the business.

I have a suggestion for them. Analyse your budget for your business. Let’s focus 7 things

  1. Website
  2. App
  3. Content
  4. SEO
  5. Social Media
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Paid Promotion

Budget Analysis for Business

If you are new in this field, hope this article is helpful to you. If you need any personalise question, you can ask me.

You may hear, earn from the internet without investment. I do not agree with it. Without investment, you cannot move a single step of life. So you have to keep a clear idea about your investment.

According to me, the investments are of two major types.

  1. Time and
  2. Money

Almost everybody cares about money, but very few cares about time.

Make a Monthly and Yearly Investment Plan

You know that to establish a business you have to focus on a couple of months. So I have said this. Make a Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Yearly Investment Plan for your business.

Now I am segmenting your investment into four important parts.

  • Yearly Investment – Website and App (once in a year)
  • Monthly Investment – Content, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and Target Oriented Paid Business Promotion for Sales Growth

So, if you think to pay the whole of your investment for only website or app, you will make a mistake. You may think what would be the ideal ratio for investment? Suppose

  • For Website and App – 35% of your budget
  • Other Digital Marketing like SEO, Content – rest 65%
  • Time – Almost 8 hrs a day.

2. Create Stunning Website for Your Business

Are you looking for the best Digital Marketing Tips for Online Business? Create your stunning 100% responsive website for your business. Here you have lots of options. You can choose any platform like PHP, CMS like WordPress which is convenient for you and your business.

Now the question is what to know before creating website. Let’s have a look.

Choose Brand Domain Name

Do you know what is a domain name? According to Wikipedia, ” A domain name is a label that identifies a network domain: a distinct group of computers under a central administration or authority.”

Do you know the competition for choosing an ideal domain name? It is huge. For that competition, almost everybody has a target to buy high search volume keywords for the domain. Suppose you are going to create a website on shoes. You may pick a domain name like bestonlineshoes.com for your business if it is available. It is a good practice.

Now I am telling you a better practice. Pick a unique name with the combination of the keyword. Suppose someone’s name is John and he wants to create an online shoe store. He can pick johnsonlineshoes.com. According to me, it is far better than bestonlineshoes.com, because John can easily become a brand.

So, my suggestion is to choose a name which may be a brand later. Remember, we all like brands thus we buy products from Amazon and Flipkart without any doubt.

Avail Fast Web Hosting

Do you know what is a web hosting? According to Wpbeginner, ” Web hosting is the place where all the files of your website live. It is like the home of your website where it actually lives.”

We don’t like Slow sites. So, always remember that our hosting speed matters many things. Even Google does not like slow websites too. I have some Digital Marketing Tips for you.

I personally recommend, choose server according to your business. Suppose if you own an eCommerce business, you must avail Shopify or Cloud Server with eCommerce setup, if you look for others like for blogging, you can avail good shared server. I shall discuss later the Web Hosting.

3. Create Custom App of Your Business

You know how long you use a mobile phone. Day by day the mobile phone dependency may increase your business if you think about to create an app for mobile. You find almost every popular platforms in web apps. Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, etc are the leading web apps.

So, if you want to get your business to that level, you have to think about creating an App with your website. Budget is almost very close to the website.

4. Do SEO Regularly

When we are looking for anything in Google, we always focus on the result which comes first 1-3 positions in any search engine like Google. If you want to rank your website top in search engine result pages or SERPs in Google or Bing or any other search engine, you must focus on SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. According to Neil Patel, ” Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.”

Hope you can understand how important it is! SEO is of two types. One is On-page SEO and another one is Off-page SEO. Later I’ll discuss in detail about these.

Do you know how SEO is important? It is because it brings unlimited organic traffic to your business. But it is a lengthy process. According to a research, in general, to rank Top in Google, it usually takes 90+ days. So keep focusing on SEO.

If you are from Digital Marketing Background or if you have knowledge in SEO, you can do your own. I personally recommend giving at least 2 hours a day for SEO to rank your business top in Google-like search engines.

Here is Digital Marketing Tips for you. If you are not from Digital Marketing background, I recommend you to hire an SEO Service Expert for your website. Remember, SEO is the main way to rank in Google. You can easily understand if you can bring 100000 traffic to your website a day and you can convert at least 0.02% to sell, how much you can earn!

Let me show you an example. Suppose you are selling a product of $100 and the commission is 10%. Suppose your website traffic is 100000 and the average conversion rate is 0.02%, so what is your earning?

$200. Can you just imagine, $6000 in a month from a single product.

So my suggestion is to keep focusing on SEO.

5. Create Unique and Viral Content

Content is King. If you want to rank high in Google, you have to focus on unique and viral content. According to Google latest algorithm, the content is the most valuable parameter to rank well in Google.

Don’t forget that today Video content and Podcast are most demanding in comparison with text content. So my suggestion is to give time to create important, viral content which is easily shareable.

As per my industry knowledge, the UI and UX factor can only bring your website useful. Always remember that user review is one of the most important factors for ranking today. So keep the focus on content always.

Most Important Content Types

  • Text Content as Blog, Product Review, etc
  • Video Content
  • Podcast
  • Infographics
  • Meme and so on.

Hope you can get one of the most important Digital Marketing Tips for Online Business.

6. Social Media for Digital Marketing

It is true that Social Media is the most powerful for digital marketing. You can create your brand using social media channels like Facebook. It is the best way to create branding.

Remember one thing, always keep focusing on branding. If you establish your brand, you will make more conversion.

According to Statcounter.com, “Facebook holds 68.17% of social traffic.” So hope you can understand the importance of social media.

digital marketing tips-social media

As per my knowledge is concerned, Social media is the best to build awareness. Along with it, social media platforms show the authenticity and grow communication to the audiences. Even it is the cheapest medium to encourage communication.

7. Paid Promotional Strategy and Investment

This is one of the most important section to grow any online business. Paid Promotion is commonly known as PPC or Pay Per Advertisement. According to my experience as a digital marketing professional, I want to give you the most important Digital Marketing Tips for Online Business. Always take care of your ROI (return on investment).

Let’s come to the discussion. How paid promotional strategy help to grow your online business? I want to discuss some points on behalf of Paid Advertisement.

  • Bring Traffic to your business within a couple of minutes. (If that ad is approved)
  • You can control your budget anytime.
  • Your ads are completely targeted.
  • High conversion due to the target audience.
  • Get the fastest result or outcome.
  • Use Re-marketing.
  • Passively helps your SEO as both have the same intention to bring traffic.

Now, you may think, how to do all? Don’t worry. You have two ways as usual. Hire a PPC expert or learn yourself and apply.

8. Focus on Content Marketing

Already I have told that content is king. Writing and publishing content is very important we all know. However, content marketing helps you a lot in bringing business. Now I am telling one of the most important Digital Marketing Tips secretly to grow your business triple. Do you know why content marketing is important?

I shall show you some interesting information. Let me share for you.

  • Increase genuine conversion oriented traffic with your Branding.
  • Relationship development with the audience.
  • Trust building with brand awareness.
  • Quickly make a purchase or conversion decisions for the customers.
  • Open channel for Social share and communication.
  • Help in business lead generation.

The content marketing is one of the most important and efficient part of any online business. If you know it, good, you can move yourself, otherwise hire an industry expert for your content marketing.

9. Continuation of Activities

40% business fails for lack of continuation. Suppose you make a good website, and do all the necessary activity like SEO, Content upload etc, but still you lose interest of regular work, you may face a hardship to develop your business.

Here I am telling a story. Today whole world know who Virat Kohli is! And we really admire him not only for his skill, rather for his consistency.

Think your website as same. Be consistent towards your activity, and the success will wait for you.

Here is a twist for you.

You may think, “if I hire a specialist, what would be my role in the form of consistency?”

As per my knowledge and experience, many customer face hardship in technical part or timing, so they hire specialists for their business. But 66% of them does not bother about the follow up.

As a professional certified Digital Marketing professional, I always suggest you to follow up your job, if you outsource it. At any cost you must have regular activity for your business, if you really want to get success.


Hope you can understand how important Digital Marketing Tips I share! I shall be grateful to you, if you will really get benefit from my tiny contribution. If you have any question regarding this, or if you think any information I missed in this article, you can comment. Remember, your interest and support can help me share more digital marketing tips further which may result you a great success.

Reference: Google Search, Statcounter, Wikipedia, Neil Patel, Wpbeginner

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