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Digital Marketing Agency has no alteration today. As a result, the Role of Digital Marketing is becoming next to important. It is the advanced level of Marketing through various Digital Channels. You can sell, buy any product or service through the internet. So bring your business to the internet first always. Hire us to get complete Digital Marketing agency Services like Website Design and Development, App Development, SEO, SEM, Social Media Optimisation, PPC, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and so on. Consult us for the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India according to Your Business Plan and Budget. We prefer your importance more than our business.

Our Top Digital Marketing Agency Services

Keyword Research

Keyword is the word or phrases to find content like images, videos, relevant pages or any kind information from the internet. Rank your keyword high on Google.  Identify the right keyword for your business. Get rid of the competition and choose the best keyword for your online business.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an ongoing process to get Organic Rank in Search Engine Result Pages like Google. Hire our best SEO experts to get the best Organic position and Organic Traffic to your Website.


Pay Per Click Advertisement or PPC brings your Business high in SERPs. Display your Ads in various platforms to grow your business anytime. Hire us to set your PPC Campaign and manage your Business anytime.

Social Media

Social Media Optimisation is the most important for your Branding and Promotion. Pick the right social media channel or platform with our Experts for your online business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most successful inbound marketing channel. Hire our experts to get the maximum ROI (Return on Investment) using Email Marketing.

Content Strategy

Produce the right content for your Website. Generate the best SEO friendly content with our trained Content Marketing Strategy Team anytime. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Team Training

Hire our experts to train your Digital Marketing Team to run your Project Well. Get from the best Keyword Research to tracking your campaign from us.

Web & App Design

Hire us to design custom and attractive eCommerce, Business, Service, Training, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Portal website and app.

Business Analysis

Hire our experts to choose the ideal business model and planning suitable for your online business. Get the expert’s touch for your organic and paid growth.

Hire Dedicated Development Team

Biva Technologies, the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in India caters to lots of important Digital Marketing Agency Services. Among them probably the best one is to create a stunning and fully responsive website. To create your website hire our dedicated web and app development team. Get the most attractive and 100% responsive, SEO friendly website and app with us. Ask anytime anything related to your business. Grow together for generating more revenue.

  • Business Consultation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing


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DOs and DON’Ts for Digital Marketing Agency Services


  • Choose the Best Keyword
  • Create a worthy Website
  • Focus on Your Business Model
  • Keep Updated with Content and SEO
  • Active in Social Media
  • Keep strong focus on Customer Review.
  • Prioritize UI/UX
  • Lead Generation
  • Quality of Blog Post
  • Video Content
  • Importance on Buyer’s Persona
  • After Sale Service


  • Use High Competitive Keyword.
  • Post plagarised Content 
  • Ignore Customer experience.
  • Avoid checking Emails.
  • Afraid to ask Personal help.
  • Forget SEO Updates
  • Ignore social media strategy.
  • Harder buyer’s journey.
  • Neglect your Competitors
  • Send the same mail and messages.

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Would I get benefit from Digital Marketing?

YES, off course 100%. Your business will grow in an unbelievable way. Get your business global using Digital Marketing.

What is the Primary objective of Digital Marketing?

The primary objective of the Digital Marketing is to generate leads for your business and let your business reach to your prospect and convert them into real customers.

Which one is best between SEO and PPC?

SEO and PPC both are equally important for any online business. SEO improves organic traffic whereas PPC makes visibility leser and targated. Both are recommended.

How long the Digital Marketing will lust?

Digital Marketing is the Renaissance of Marketing. So as long as the internet will lust, the Digital Marketing will lust till then. According to a research, it is 

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is based on the relevant, valuable and helpful content to attract customers. It adds value to every buyer’s journey. The most relevant inbound channels are Blogs, Search Engine along with Social Media.

Why Social Media is important?

Social Media in Digital Marketing is mostly important for Branding. Apart from it, Social Media helps building awareness, interacting with customers, generate genuine traffic and sales.

What are B2B and B2C?

B2B stands for Business to Business and B2C stands for Business to Customer. B2B generally sells products or services to other businesses where as B2C sells products or services directly to the customer.

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